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Imitrieve provides the highest quality and most accurate document scanning service available today at affordable prices...
Imitrieve staff is certified in best industry practices for creating an Enterprise Content Management program for your enterprise.

OnSite Document Scanning - Outsource Staffing Services


Some organizations require Document Scanning, Microfiche / Microfilm Conversion, Data Capture to be done onsite because of the sensitive or classified nature of the content being processed. Imitrieve provides staff, hardware and software, administrative functions and senior management oversight to organizations to provide a convenient and cost effective alternative to building up such a capability internally. In extreme project oriented cases where a fixed amount or work needs to be performed within a few days or weeks, Imitrieve will put together the necessary staff, hardware and software to insure successful and timely completion of a project. Contact us, and let Our Experienced Team know how we can best meet your project needs for an on-site solution at your location.

Outsource Staffing Services
Highly Trained Staff Working at Your Site:

Imitrieve maintains a pool of highly trained and efficient staff members that perform many ECM related business process functions such as document preparation, scanning, indexing, and quality control. For many capture related business processes within an organization, it is difficult to maintain a full complement of staff to perform these functions without high levels of staff turnover and retraining.  Imitrieve provided staff can assure that time critical sensitive content is processed within tight time constraints each and every business day.

Full Content Management Business Process Support:

In addition to staffing, Imitrieve can provide necessary software, hardware and other custom tools and software utilities to provide a complete business process content management processing solution.  Imitrieve technical staff will evaluate your requirements, design, implement, and staff the entire ECM business process at your site.  Imitrieve will provide several cost alternatives that will optimize such processes for your enterprise.

Senior Management Oversight:

Imitrieve outsource customers benefit from the years of Imitrieve management experience in designing, staffing, and managing ECM business process work requirements.  Customers can be assured that experienced Imitrieve management personnel will be available to deal with day to day problems that occur.  In addition, all administrative, personnel scheduling, and coverage tasks are handled by Imitrieve management.