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Imitrieve staff is certified in best industry practices for creating an Enterprise Content Management program for your enterprise.
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The necessary methods, tools and strategies to implement an ECM infrastructure fall out of a formal ECM Program designed to define: the Enterprise wide requirements (i.e., the Vision), Organizational Structure and Information Management Policies of the new infrastructure (or ECM Governance), Information Surveys, Business Case(s), required content Classification Scheme, required systems (i.e., vendor products) and IT Infrastructure, user Change Management, Roll Out, and Post Implementation Operation. This is illustrated is the AIIM defined ECM Implementation Life Cycle depicted below.

The ECM Program is designed to insure a successful result by focusing on thinking and planning strategically across the entire enterprise, heavy senior management and user involvement in every stage, and detailed information gathering and planning to insure all requirements are correct in the beginning.  However, it recommends that implementation be carried out incrementally to reduce risk and maintain manageability.  Utilization of existing standards and standard requirements is emphasized to insure best practices.

One of the last steps is determining which vendor product offerings (there will most likely by many systems and multiple vendors involved) are necessary to achieve the “Vision.”  This program methodology is highly weighted on up front planning.

Excellent information on this process and ECM in general can be obtained through AIIM.  In particular, AIIM offers three ECM certification courses: Practitioner, Specialist, and Master where these concepts are fully developed in interactive classroom settings.  See AIIM Certificate Programs for more information.