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Imitrieve provides the highest quality and most accurate document scanning service available today at affordable prices...
Imitrieve specializes in the scanning and digital conversion of all types of microfilm and microfiche turning them into high quality digital images...
Document Scanning
Paper documents are hard to share, costly to file, and are difficult to retrieve. In today's business environment, decision-making relies on quick and easy access to information. Imitrieve can help. Our Document Scanning Services can convert your paper documents into electronic copies that can be quickly located, viewed and shared. This increases employee’s ability to work faster, be more productive and make better decisions. If finding the right information at the right time is important to your organization please contact us to find out more about our services.
Document Preparation:
Physical content is first prepared for the scanning process by the removal of all foreign objects, repair of damaged material, and insertion/creation of barcodes (optional) to speed the scanning and indexing process. This process also assures the images will have proper orientation and legibility.
Document Scanning
Scanning of paper documents, books, engineering drawings, microfilm / microfiche is performed with high speed production scanners capable of handling duplex processing and multiple page sizes with automatic double feed protection. Content may be processed in black and white, gray scale and color. Output can be in any resolution range from 200 to 600 DPI. This stage of the process also accounts for all content scanned.
Check Automated / Manual Indexing:
Each digital image produced during scanning will be indexed individually or in group fashion; any classification/indexing scheme desired by the customer is supported. This process is automated as much as possible through the use of bar codes and/or customer provided databases that are used as input to the index files. However, manual indexing is also performed as required. In most situations indexing is a semi-automated process.
Check Quality Control:
Although the process described emphasizes finding and correcting poor image quality and/or index errors early on, this stage insures that the final output is of the highest quality and accuracy.
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