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Imitrieve provides the highest quality and most accurate document scanning service available today at affordable prices...
Imitrieve staff is certified in best industry practices for creating an Enterprise Content Management program for your enterprise.
Imitrieve - Digital Document Storage and Retrieval ASP Platform

For those organizations who want rapid access to their content and mission-critical business documents Imitrieve offers a streamlined Web Storage and Retrieval service. This service enables an organization to find the right information at the right time increasing employee’s ability to work faster, be more productive and make better decisions. The Imitrieve Document - Web Storage and Retrieval ASP Platform is a web based online content storage and retrieval service that runs on Imitrieve’s ASP platform as illustrated below:

Imitrieve Digital Warehouse
Imitrieve Digital Warehouse

As shown, any type of customer content is processed through the appropriate Imitrieve Capture Service, indexed according to customer requirements and stored in the redundant digital content repository. Web enabled end users may then access this content via the Internet. End user functions include: search by index, retrieve and display, print, fax or e-mail the returned content. Imitrieve provides appropriate security levels to allow access only to authorized personnel. Imitrieve Web Storage and Retrieval ASP Platform is HIPAA compliant.

Imitrieve will capture both back file and day forward content. Imitrieve will provide turnaround time of less than 24 hours between the receipt of content for capture and its availability online.

Imitrieve Web Storage and Retrieval ASP Platform provides a “Private Label” capability that makes the service highly customized to each user organization.

Check Eliminates the time and cost necessary to store, locate, retrieve, ship, re-store documents/content to/from a physical warehouse.
Check Provides automated secure access.
Check Delivers the retrieved documents/content in electronic form to any end user.
Check Capture can be performed when documents are first retrieved from a physical warehouse; this eliminates the cost of capture and storage of documents that are seldom or never retrieved.
Check Eliminates the cost of building and operating the technology infrastructure necessary to provide this service in a secure environment.
Pricing of this service is based on the number of simultaneous customer users that will require access, and the total amount of storage in gigabytes.
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