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Imitrieve provides the highest quality and most accurate document scanning service available today at affordable prices...
Imitrieve staff is certified in best industry practices for creating an Enterprise Content Management program for your enterprise.
Company Profile

Imitrieve is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services provider. Imitrieve provides ECM services to end users in accordance with best industry practices as articulated by AIIM. Within this framework, these services include: capture, management, storage, preservation and delivery. In addition, Imitrieve provides outsourced ECM Staff Services and ECM Program consulting services. These services include: document and data conversion (e.g., digital scanning, microfilming, data formatting), online content storage and retrieval via internet/intranet web based applications (provided as an ASP service or proprietary on site client system solution), workflow and compliance solutions, ECM services outsourcing solutions, and related consulting services.


As an Information Technology (IT) company, Imitrieve analyzes each customer’s unique requirements from an IT project perspective and brings together all the necessary IT skill sets for successful project completion.  Depending on the complexity of a customer’s project requirements, these resources may include: project management, specification development, scheduling, software utility development, hardware, software, network and application implementation and testing.  This work is performed following best industry practices within the context of a formal ECM Program.Key Imitrieve management staff are AIIM certified ecm.  This insures that such Imitrieve personnel are closely aligned with best industry practices associated with all aspects of an ECM Program .  This includes the analysis, design, organization/management, specifications, technologies and implementation of ECM systems.

Key Imitrieve technical personnel are CDIA+ CertifiedCompTIA.  CompTIA's.  CDIA (Certified Document Imaging Architect) certification is a nationally recognized credential acknowledging competency and professionalism in the document imaging industry.  CDIA Certification candidates must possess critical knowledge of all major areas and technologies used to plan, design and specify document imaging systems, solutions and practices.

Imitrieve Customers
The following Imitrieve customers represent a cross section of the many vertical markets that have taken advantage of Imitrieve ECM services.