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Imitrieve provides the highest quality and most accurate document scanning service available today at affordable prices...
Imitrieve staff is certified in best industry practices for creating an Enterprise Content Management program for your enterprise.
Capture Services
Imitrieve is equipped to handle any size physical capture project using the latest scanning hardware and software tools, and processes (see below). On initial contact with Imitrieve, our imaging capture specialists will determine the Customer’s exact needs and determine a specific variation of our process to meet those needs. Imitrieve will also adjust this process to handle “one time back file” projects to capture legacy content and “ongoing day forward” projects. Pricing is determined by the amount preparation, on site or off site requirements, volume of content and special processing needs.

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Check Microfiche / Microfilm Conversion

Our Microfilm/Microfiche scanning services convert 16mm or 35mm microfilm or all standard microfiche formats to a digital format. Once converted to a digital format, the images can be indexed to facilitate searching and retrieval. The digital images can be converted to PDF for easy viewing. Also they can be made fully text-searchable using our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) services. We support all standard fiche types including jackets, COM, mages can be 16mm or 35mm, positive or negative, Diazo, Silver or Vesicular duplicates.

Check Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Searchable PDF:
As part of the output process, scanned documents can be processed with either OCR or ICR software, producing a machine reading text version of the original scanned image. This permits native document application presentation programs (such as PDF readers / editors) to search through text for arbitrary strings of information. OCR works with machine produced text documents while ICR works with handwritten and less structured text. In either case, to support OCR/ICR requires conversion to be performed at resolutions of at least 300 DPI.
Check Data Entry:
This service, very similar to data capture, addresses the need to capture data from content when no automated form of processing will do the job to the level of accuracy required. Imitrieve provides the staff and software necessary to capture the required data from any non-machine readable content and delivery in any output format required by the customer. Imitrieve guarantees up to 99.995% accuracy of captured data.
Custom Application Interfaces:
To facilitate the automated capture and delivery of user content, Imitrieve maintains a programming staff that will provide customized software utilities to interface to user applications systems. This capability permits Imitrieve to provide fully automated capture/indexing, and delivery/formatting to/from any customer application in real time or batch mode.
Check Forms Processing

Forms Processing replaces manual data-entry by automatically capturing the information from your documents, forms and questionnaires and move that data directly into your enterprise system. Using advanced data-capture technologies to read all types of machine and hand printed information; Imitrieve gets the data you need to you faster and more cost-effectively than any other method.

COLD/ERM (Computer Output to Laser Disk/Enterprise Report Management), is a service for archiving data such as business records and reports to optical disks (or other media as required) in a compressed, but easily retrievable format. The data is captured directly from a host computer and then compressed, stored and automatically indexed. The data is then presented to the client on disks, via internet, intranet or extranet. A popular feature of COLD is the ability to use "overlays" on forms specific to a customer's operations. An overlay is simply a graphic image of a form. Data is placed into the overlay and a PDF (Portable Document Format - a file format that has captured all the elements of a printed document as an electronic image that you can view, navigate, print, or forward to someone else) is created
Check Output:
The output from the captured process can be made in any type of format required by the user for input directly into an existing ECM system (via digital media or computer interface), directly to digital media with self contained software for searching and retrieving, or any variation thereof.